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I would like to welcome everyone who visits Bankerstreet PE.

BankerStreet(BKS) which had been growing its perspective since its start in 2018, made a fresh start as a diverse investment company in Korea.

The era of new generation will require services and products to be equipped with more diverse features and to show a high level of performance.

We are setting ourselves up to successfully adapt to specific markets. With this in mind, the trends we see for the coming year involve big battles for growth and results. Current market trends show that PE Firms needs to be engaged with their customers in faster, smarter way and to adapt, thrive and survive.

To respond to such demand, BKS will provide higher values and quality service to our clients by continuously improving our services.

I would like to appreciate your interests and support, and our staff members will continue to do our best to realize customer values.

Thank you very much.

Byung-Joo Rhee

Mr. Rhee has over 25 years of experience in the banking and investment sector, with expertise in investment banking. In 2018, he found BankerStreet in Seoul, Korea. He is a Representative Director. He is also a vice chairman in ST Financial Group and a director at the Korea Botanic Life Center. Mr. Rhee received bachelor’s degrees both in business administration and English language education from Korea University and a master’s degree in financial management from Korea University.

The BankerStreet, a Private Equity firm,
we believe that the best way to make employees happy is to set realistic goals and achieve them.
The big job is to make sure those small steps are pointing us in the right direction and demonstrate
at the end of the year that they all add up to something pretty great.
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